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Spring Cleaning: Orginization A MUST

March 15, 2012
     The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and she was talking about how she loves to organize things and I was saying how much I disliked it.  Let me correct that… I love things to be organized but sometimes I wish I can twitch my nose and it would just happen.  After the conversation, she referred me to “Clutter Busters.” Not because I’m messy but to be honest, I work a lot and like to keep my place clean but sometimes the drawers get, well… a little cluttered.  I’m good to organize when others are around but when I’m by myself, I’d rather be spending my time doing other things.
     I called “Clutter Busters” and they came to my rescue.  Their company is family owned and operated.  To be exact, they are in-laws and have an amazing relationship, they even finish each other’s sentences.  They have been working together for about 5 years and started this business about 6 months ago.  In addition to organizing spaces, they also stage homes for sale, do room make overs and organize and operate yard sales and estate sales.
     Lillian and Eileen came on a Thursday morning to help organize my drawers to AJ Designs.  They were punctual, efficient, and fun!  The ladies stayed for 3 hours and within that time they helped organized the drawers, made better use of space, and took inventory of the items.  They even emailed it to me on a spreadsheet that day!
     I would for sure use their services again and recommend them to anyone looking to get organized and need the extra help.
     Contact Eleen Parker (954) 605-2635 or Lillian Thomas (954) 662-1481 for more information about their services.
     Pictures below are before and afters of their work (not of my place).
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