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Pin Up Makeup & Hair| South Florida Pin Up Photo Shoot

February 23, 2012

Today I had the pleasure of working with the talented Mark Vacker and the beautiful Natalia Knaj. It was a pin up style shoot.  Mark told me prior to the shoot that Natalia’s hair would be done and I would only be doing her makeup.  I get to the shoot with my makeup case, see the model, and her hair wasn’t done and we didn’t have a hairdresser.  With teamwork, I used the Natalia’s brush and curling iron.  Mark provided the hairspray and bobby pins, and I was able to create a successful 40’s hairstyle.  Afterward, I created a fun makeup application to match the rockabilly look.  I had so much fun and was so fortunate to work with such a great crew.

This was the first sneak peak to the shoot.  The work is amazing from the models pose to the photographers professionalism.

Amazing how so much animation is shown in Natalia’s expression.  She was a natural at fitting the role.

As Natalia was getting prettied up, Mark offered us drinks and cookies.  My lightbulb went off and I thought of a great photo opportunity to fit the “naughty” 40’s look with milk and cookies.  Here was the gorgeous result…

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  1. February 23, 2012 2:52 pm

    Great shots, yes she seems so perfect for the pinup look!

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