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5 Minute Makeup: Sorry Mom… This One’s For You

May 20, 2011

Today I met my mom for lunch.  Working in the neighborhood has been wonderful for us.  We are talking more (if that’s even possible), seeing each other more, and I get a free lunch out of it every time.  Today during our lunch my mom said afterward she was leaving to go to 2 appointments.  I don’t think I’m the number one fashionista out there but I definitely know a little bit about it (more like a whole lot).  But anyway, I looked my mom in the face and couldn’t help but speak the words going through my head. Here was our conversation.

Me: “Mom, you can not go to an appointment or even 2 without any makeup on.”

Mom: “I do have makeup on.  It’s natural looking.”

Me: “No you don’t.”

Mom: “I do.”

Me: “Let’s go to the bathroom.”

With the makeup I had on me, I gave her a quick makeup application.  This took us 5 minutes and made a world of a difference.

1. Put concealer under her eyes.

2. Powder all over face.

3. Blush on cheeks.

4.  Added a soft lip liner and lipstick to her lips.

5. Added a natural colored eye shadow to her lids.

6. Applied mascara on her lashes.

7. Finished off with eye-brow shadow.

“Voila!”  It honestly took less than 5 minutes and she looked a million times better and I could see her confidence improve.

Mom: “Ooohhhh… what a difference.  I look good.”

“Your welcome mom.  Thanks for lunch.”

Moral of the story- take me to lunch and get your makeup done 🙂  No, the real moral is it takes 5 minutes to do a quick makeup job and others will look at you as a professional and you will feel better about yourself.

Photo was taken on a bus in London. It doesn't matter where we are, I am always doing my Mom's makeup.

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