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Jury Duty

October 26, 2010

I had jury duty today.  You would think it was an awful experience but I have to be honest… it wasn’t so bad.  It was an easy day except for the fact that I had to be there at 7:45am.

When I first got there, I joined the line of hundreds of people to go through the security precautions.  Once I finished the line… I sat, and sat, and sat.  Thank goodness I brought a book but it was so difficult to read as the lady at the podium was reading a list of everyone’s numbers.

Finally my number was called juror 339.  “Oh poop!” Went through my mind.  But very curious, I continued  to the courtroom where the jury selection started.  It took all day just to select the final jury for a civil case, and then I was dismissed.  It was an interesting case with very interesting people there, including the defendant’s lawyer who looked like a hot mess.  I almost felt bad for the guy as his lawyer was rolling his eyes when people would talk and frequently caught him dosing off.  What a day!

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