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Mommy-Daughter Date: Bracelet Making in South Florida

October 15, 2010

Many times art projects from kids are adorable but not always fashionable.  Making a bracelet with them helps with the bonding time, it’s art, fun, and stylish.  Here are the results from the most recent AJ Designs bracelet event.

Jennifer and Emma had a Mommy-Daughter bracelet making date (Grandma was there too but didn’t stay for the photographs).  Emma, not yet 2 and a half, did an awesome  job with picking out the colors and beads she wanted.  She followed directions and had fun too!  Jennifer and Emma made matching bracelets, using the same colors, similar beads, and matching heart toggles for the clasp.

Emma loving her bracelet.                                                           Matching outfits! Matching bracelets!

Emma checking out her new bracelet.                             Jennifer & Emma showing off their new bracelets.

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  1. Karen permalink
    October 19, 2010 11:13 pm

    Thrilled to see the article and pictures!

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