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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

September 22, 2010

Don’t think I forgot about Tuesday’s Tip of the Day.  I still have to make a bracelet, complete a pair of flip flops, and design a piggy bank this week.  However, with less than an hour left to post, I’m going to talk about eyeliner. We all wear it but who really knows how to apply it?  Wearing eyeliner opens the eyes, enhances the eyes,  and makes us look awake.  The problem is that by the end of the day, most of us have smudged liner underneath.  You know that look, the look the 14-year-old girl has all day long.  I’ll tell you the secret…

Eyeliner pencil is made of a waxy product, wax melts, therefore we end up with the “I feel asleep with makeup on look.”  The secret is to seal it.  If you seal the liner, it prevents the smudge.  To seal it, simply apply powder or translucent powder on a thin eye-makeup brush and slowly glide along the liner.  That’s it!  I know it seems so simple, but who really thinks about it?  Share the secret with others!  Hope you enjoyed the Tuesday Tip and a new clean look!

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