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Holiday Dinner

September 9, 2010

Last night was a holiday dinner for me.  It was nice to be with family and friends during this time.  My mom told me ahead of time that dress/attire was casual but it would be nice if I dressed up a little.  I straightened my hair (not an easy task), did my makeup as “clean beauty,” and the final touch was the outfit.  I felt cute but appropriate.

I wore this chiffon top (with a black undershirt), paired black leggings, and a set of strappy heels.

However, I changed the jewelry (of course).  I wore the jet black cuff by yours truly. 

It completed the outfit and was a great conversational piece when people said, “so what do you do?”  I can respond, “I’m a jewelry artist. This is actually one of my pieces.  Tada!!!”  I don’t actually say “tada,” but you get what I mean as a place my wrist out for the viewer.

The holiday meal was a lot of fun and I felt appropriately dressed and most important… stylish!

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