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Make it a Bracelet Making Party!

August 2, 2010

Growing up, everyone wants to be a princess.  How many princess parties can someone have!?!  Not sure what to do for your little girl’s birthday, a bracelet making party is a great idea!  It’s something different and everyone loves it.

Photograph compliments of Kim Ruoff Photography.

A jewelry making birthday party for girls age 3 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit.  Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that the children receive both the party favors (the jewelry the girls make to take home) and the party activity (the jewelry-making session).

Older girls appreciate a more creative project that allows them to customize their piece and do their own designing.

Owner of AJ Designs, Amanda J. Levison, will come to your party with everything needed to set the scene for your hand made bracelet-making station!  Amanda has over 15 years of experience with children and is able to assist and interact with the children to make it easier on the adults.

Available in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County.  Contact for more information.

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