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Thankful Thursday: Week 2

June 24, 2010

Here we are on week 2 of another Thankful Thursday.  I look around and can be thankful for so much.  I can honestly say the one thing that has put a smile on my face for the past eight and a half years is Patch.  She is the love of my life.  My mom constantly tells me, “You know she’s a dog, right?”  I’m not an idiot, reality is yes, she is a dog, yes they don’t live forever but I’m totally crazy about her.  She is there for comfort, company and love.

Photograph compliments of Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Photograph compliments of Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

I bought Patch when I was a sophomore in college at the University of Florida.  I purchased her from a pet store in the mall.  I would never do that again but she was the BEST purchase EVER!!!

Whenever I tell people, “I have a jack russell.”  Their immediate response is, “Oh, they’re crazy dogs and really hyper.”  That is correct for most, but Patch is the calmest thing.  She lays around and sleeps (and yes, she is in perfect health).  When having company, I constantly catch myself saying, “Look at her, she’s so cute.”  I’m sure it is the most annoying thing to others.

The one thing that all of the neighborhood dog owners notice when I walk Patch is her peeing.  I know it sounds weird but she’s my little acrobat.  She honestly does a handstand.  After all these years, she still makes me laugh daily by just peeing.  When I tell people this, they ask questions and don’t believe me.  I don’t think I would believe it either if someone said that to me.  So here’s a picture to prove it.  I’m sorry it’s from the back-end but it’s the only way you can truly see both of her back legs are up.

So, on this Thankful Thursday I’m dedicating it to my little acrobat.  She continues to make me laugh on a daily basis by being her unique self (even if she doesn’t know it).

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