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Dress It Up

March 31, 2010

Last weekend I was an exhibitor at the 6th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts. An older woman came up to me and started a conversation about fashion.

Woman: Did you see the Oscars?

Me: Parts of it.

Woman: People aren’t wearing necklaces anymore.

Me: (Showing her my chandelier earrings) It all depends on the neckline I suppose but for those people, AJ Designs carries earrings, rings, and bracelets.

After this conversation I still continued to wear necklaces, as I love to add a little something to each outfit. To work the other day, I wore simple black pants, a black tank and a beige cardigan. A similar style to the picture below.

The only difference is I topped it with the white multi-strand necklace.

For some reason that day it seemed like everyone thought I was dressed up. It was a typical outfit I would wear, simple and casual, but the necklace caused so much attention. It actually made me feel great that such a small addition made me stand out.

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