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High Schoolers to Entrepreneurs

March 5, 2010

Growing up in South Florida, I felt like everyone was connected.  I either knew them or someone knew them etc… I went to a popular, well-known public school where it seemed like everyone wanted to go there- Nova.  I got into Nova in kindergarten and went until I graduated from high school.  Inevitably, I knew everyone there from my year, the year under me and years older than me.  Having a brother only 2 years older, also helped in knowing everyone.

Someone I met through my brother was @metta1313.  Years later @metta1313 and I reconnected through social networking and Facebook.  @Metta1313 is teacher and I a psychotherapist, both became entrepreneurs on top of it.  @Metta1313 started a fun, popular blog and I have a jewelry line.  Looking to expand, we exchanged business tips and pointers.

In February 2010, @metta1313 had a contest.  The winner was Dannielle L. from Michigan.  Dannielle won a sterling silver ring from AJ Designs.  She was able to pick out the color she wanted.  Dannielle chose the black diamond ring.  @Metta1313 has contests regularly and so does AJ Designs.  To find out about monthly specials and giveaways sign up for our newsletter.

Collaborating with @metta1313 was so much fun!  I am so fortunate we were able to reconnect and looking forward to exchanging more business secrets.

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