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Thank you: Social Media & More

December 24, 2009

Many people don’t realize all that goes into a business.  I have been marketing online using twitter, facebook, an active newsletter, which currently goes out to over 1700 viewers, and a blog.  With that and continuing to make the products of AJ Designs, I have turned to others for help.  Three people who have continued to help as creative editors and who I would like to thank are: Kim, T.S. (who asked to be anonymous), and Ashley for all of their help and support.

Kimberly Bordonaro is the president of ProStyle Image. Drawing on 12+ years of marketing, public relations, and business development experience, she takes her clients to the next level of success through strategically developing their comprehensive personal brand. Her clientele ranges from high-level film/production executives to start-up entrepreneurs. She also facilitates seminars for corporations and non-profit organizations.  Kimberly Bordonaro lives in Woodland Hills, CA with her husband, son, and rescue cat, Jagger.

T.S. is an amazing person who asked to be anonymous without details provided.

Ashley Roe is an SEO copywriter and content manager in Atlanta, GA. Over the past several months, she has volunteered her web copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO) skills to help AJ Designs gain more exposure in the digital world. A long-time supporter of AJ Designs, Ashley has been a fan of Amanda’s jewelry since Amanda gifted her a handmade, silver-beaded University of Florida Gators bracelet as a graduation gift in December 2004. As AJ Designs grows in success, Ashley looks forward to offering her expertise wherever she can.

PS- Ashley says she still wears the bracelet!

I am so grateful for all of the help and support I have received.  Again thank you all for your help and expertise!

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