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The Start

January 23, 2009

People often ask me, “How did you start your company?”  There are many little things that led to AJ Designs.  It started a long time ago.  Most kids spend their allowance money on candy.  I spent mine at the art store.  At the time, string for bracelet making was 3 for a dollar, which was perfect because I made $1 a week.  While the kids my age made string bracelets the typical way by knotting, I did a bit more.  These bracelets would consist of V’s and X’s and about 1″-2″ width.  My artistic side blossomed when I was very young.

As I got older I found art in different ways.  Years ago, when I was in college I came home for the summer and worked.  I was a camp counselor and on the last day someone taught me how to make a beaded bracelet and make it look good.  She introduced me to a crimp bead.  After camp that day, I went to Michael’s and spent over $100 on beads.  I was making bracelets all of the time from that moment on.

In college, it was difficult to buy nice presents for my friends, so I gave bracelets.  Eventually people would request them.  After college, I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines.  There were over 300 people in my department and a great source of sales.  I soon gave myself a name.  Then I pursued art shows and registered the business and the rest is history.  Check out the latest designs at

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